Festival Regulation international whisky festival  “The Spirit of Amsterdam”

1) Persons who are at least 18 years old can enter the festival in case they have a valid ticket and a valid identification card, so they can identify themselves when uncertainty about their age occurs. Identification is mandatory for visitors under the age of 21.

2) The festival organization reserves the right to decline subscriptions, without any given reason.

3) The entrance ticket indicates the validation for a session or masterclass. At the location smoking is prohibited. Smokers can smoke outside the premises. With a small wristband they are allowed to enter the location again.

4) An e-ticket is only valid when it can be scanned as an authentic entrance ticket. E-tickets for invited guest and exhibitors are valid for every session.

5) The international whisky festival “The Spirit of Amsterdam” introduces our guests to a variety of whisky’s and whiskeys. The purpose is to taste and sip the whisky and not to drink large amounts of this strong liquor. The organization has every right to – whether or not warned previously– deprive your entrance to the festival and/or building, in case the organization suspects that you:

a) have reached such a level of alcohol influence, that you have become a danger to yourself and/or others and/or cause inconvenience;
b) cause violence or threat other with violence and/or commit criminal offences;
c) do not follow up instructions from authorized personnel.

6) During the event the organization will do all to protect people and materials. To identify guest status of “The Spirit of Amsterdam” guests and exhibitors get a wrist strap. This allows them to leave and re-enter the location.

The organization and the security people are in control in the Zuiderkerk. The organization designates all forms of liability:
a) as result of alcohol abuse in any way;
b) for damage to people and materials, in any way, or caused in whatever way;
c) for and/or as a result of transactions between guests, exhibitors and/or sellers, in what nature or scope ever.

7) The specially created dram (“AmsterDram”) is the way of payment for our visitors, that want to taste the exclusive whisky’s. One AmsterDram represents one Euro and the drams can be bought at the organization desk at the entrance. You can pay cash or with a pin card. The “AmsterDram ” can only be spend during the festival “The Spirit of Amsterdam” and will lose its value when leaving the event.

“The Spirit of Amsterdam”, International Whisky Festival




As soon as the tickets for the 2021 edition of The Spirit of Amsterdam become available, this will be announced here.