AmsterDrams and payments

The specially created dram (“AmsterDram”) is the payment method for our visitors that want to taste the more exclusive (malt) whisky’s and whiskeys.
One AmsterDram represents one Euro and can be bought at the organization desk at the entrance. You can pay cash or with a pin card. The “AmsterDram” can only be spend during the festival “The Spirit of Amsterdam” and will lose its value when leaving the event.

Festival Regulation

The international whisky festival “The Spirit of Amsterdam” introduces our guests to a variety of whiskies. The purpose is to taste and sip the whisky and not to drink large amounts of this strong liquor.

The organization has every right to – whether or not warned previously– deprive your entrance to the festival and/or building, in case the organization suspects that you:

a) have reached such a level of alcohol influence, that you have become a danger to yourself and/or others and/or cause inconvenience;
b) cause violence or threat other with violence and/or commit criminal offences;
c) do not follow up other instructions from authorized personnel.

Persons who are at least 18 years old can entrance the festival in case they have a valid ticket and a valid identification card, so they can identify themselves when uncertainty about their age occurs. Identification is mandatory for visitors under the age of 21.

To identify “The Spirit of Amsterdam” guest status guests and exhibitors get a wrist strap. This allows them to leave and re-enter the location. Click here to read the full festival regulation.

Food and beverages
At the location sandwiches, coffee, tea and fresh drinks can be bought. These foods and beverages can be paid with regular money.  It is not allowed to take drinks outside the premises, or, as a guest of the festival, drink outside.

Near the Waterlooplein / Waterloo Square there are many lunch- and diner restaurants that welcome you before or after one of the sessions.

Smoking is prohibited within the premises. Smokers can smoke outside. With a small wristband theu can enter the festival again.

Measurements against alcohol abuse
Due to new regulations from the whisky sellers and urgent advice from the foundation alcohol prevention Stichting Alcohol Preventie (STAP), the duration of the sessions will be limited to 3 hours. All whisky festival organizers are committed to these regulations.

The afternoon and evening sessions are scheduled as follows:

13.00 and 19.00 p.m.: doors open and entrance
13.30 and 19.30 p.m.: tasting starts
16.00 and 22.00 p.m.: last half hour of tasting
16.30 and 22.30 p.m.: tasting closes and last half hour of sessions
17.00 and 23.00 p.m.: closure of session

We ensure our visitors however that in the two short periods at the beginning and at the end of each session of non tasting there will be enough te see and there will be nice entertainment.

Rent a bob

Rent A Bob offers you the opportunity to be brought home with your own car, when legally you are not allowed to drive. The other day your own car will be available immediately.

Rent A Bob brings you home in your own car!

For more information go to For reservations you can call us on 0900 90 90 888

NOTE: When you decide to use the service of Rent A Bob during The Spirit of Amsterdam we kindly ask you to make a reservation on forehand, to avoid any conflicts in our schedule. If you make a reservation at least one day before the event you get a five euro discount.


As soon as the tickets for the 2021 edition of The Spirit of Amsterdam become available, this will be announced here.