The international whisky festival “The Spirit of Amsterdam” is organized to introduce you to whisky in all its forms and expressions. In a three hour session you can taste (malt) whisky’s and whiskeys and increase you knowledge on whisky. You can join tasting sessions and masterclasses in the Zuiderkerk and whisky canal cruise on the Amsterdam canals.

4 March 2017
Afternoon session from 13.00 till 17.00 p.m, tasting between 13.30 and 16.30 pm
Evening session from 19.00 till 23.00 p.m., tasting between 19.30 and 22.30 pm

“The Spirit of Amsterdam” is a festival with a variety of (malt) whisky’s and whiskeys of known national and international importers and distilleries. Included extra’s:

– Glencairn tasting glass with logo and date. Collector’s item!
– Festival brochure with information on whisky, including pages for tasting notes
– A wonderful location, right in the center of Amsterdam

Nosing and tasting information

When entering the festival you will get a very nice, engraved “Glencairn” glass. This authentic “nosing and tasting” glass can be used to taste the free whisky’s with little sips, allowing you to experience the rich taste of the (malt) whisky. In the Scottish language and culture these sips are called “drams”. Enough water is available to drink or rinse your glass.

Due to new regulations from the whisky sellers and urgent advice from the foundation alcohol prevention Stichting Alcohol Preventie (STAP), the duration of the sessions will be limited to 3 hours. All whisky festival organizers have committed themselves to these regulations.

For “The Spirit of Amsterdam” this means drams will be served between 13:30 and 16:30 in the afternoon and 19:30 and 22:30 in the evening. We can ensure our guests that there is enough to experience in the four hour session.


The specially created dram (“AmsterDram”) is the way of payment for our visitors of the festival that want to taste the exclusive (malt) whisky’s.
One AmsterDram represents one Euro and the drams can be bought at the organization desk at the entrance. You can pay cash or with a pin card. The “AmsterDram ” can only be spend during the festival “The Spirit of Amsterdam” in the location and will lose its value when leaving the event.

For more information go to the Festival Regulation.


As soon as the tickets for the 2021 edition of The Spirit of Amsterdam become available, this will be announced here.