Rules of the House during “The Spirit of Amsterdam”

The whisky festival “The Spirit of Amsterdam” must comply to local government regulations and rules to public policy, including the new Drink and Hospitality Law. The organization of “The Spirit of Amsterdam ” has therefore committed itself to the following house rules so that all guests, visitors, exhibitors and employees can enjoy the festival  in a safe and pleasant way.

By purchasing a ticket for “The Spirit of Amsterdam” you understand and commit to obey these reasonable rules.
The whisky festival “The Spirit of Amsterdam” is a strong supporter of responsible drinking and advises visitors to enjoy the festival and all that is offered only to drink in moderation. The festival is a tasting event and drinking too much will not be tolerated.

The legal age for delivery of alcohol to young people is 18 years. The organization and security staff may ask to check visitors age which it is suspected that they are less than the minimum allowable age of 18.

The festival aims at gathering knowledge, have fun with each other and above all enjoy the beautiful whisky’s that can be tasted, and no excessive drinking. The organization of “The Spirit of Amsterdam” will clearly pay attention to this.
Visitors are strongly advised to eat before and during the festival properly. The location offers appropriate catering at the foyer.
Besides food, visitors are strongly advised to drink between the tastings and during occasionally pausing to drink  enough water. The location offers more than enough free water and provisions have been made to rinse the glasses.

In the interest of a good festival atmosphere and especially the welfare of exhibitors, visitors will not serve alcohol to someone that may be assumed that he/she has consumed too much alcohol .
Staff Security and First Aid staff are present to ensure the safety and welfare of the guests , visitors , exhibitors and employees. During all sessions of the festival. Security Staff will persons who appear drunk and/or other visitors , exhibitors or employees harass or otherwise
upset the festival  are requested to leave the festival directly.

Compliance with these house rules will ensure the welfare of all people during the festival, allowing all present to taste fine whisky’s and everything “The Spirit of Amsterdam” has to offer.


Following the wishes of the exhibitors, there is a strict policy on samples n force at the whisky festival “The Spirit of Amsterdam”.
Samples by exhibitors only poured in by the festival organizers festival tasting glass and are intended to be consumed during the festival. For samples that are poured the same master policy applies. It is contrary to the festival house rules for exhibitors to donate samples in sample bottles or glass sample bottles about to give in to them to take the festival or the master then poured the contents of a festival glass into a bottle.

We ask all festival visitors take note of the following important rules of the policy on samples emphatically knowledge :
Do not empty sample bottles with you to the festival or the masterclass and pour the samples provided by the exhibitors not in other containers than the official festival glass. This glass can be identified by the engraved logo of “The Spirit of Amsterdam “. Visitors who bring sample bottles to the festival are invited to empty them before they will be allowed to enter the festival. These bottles in the bin or in the wardrobe will be regularly monitored by security.

During the event detected sample bottles or jars that are intended to drink whisky from will be taken by the festival organizers or security staff.
Visitors using these sample bottles or jars found during the festival (whether full or empty bottles) are requested by the security people to leave the festival directly.

Do not ask exhibitors or speakers of a masterclass to test samples with the intention to bring them elsewhere outside the festival to consume. Exhibitors and speakers will inform the organization of all cases where they are asked this. The organization and the security staff will ask the person who ignores this rule to leave the festival directly.

Refund of entrance tickets or renewed access to the festival will not be granted to persons who have acted on the basis of non-compliance with the house rules is denied.

Rules of the House during the whisky festival
“The Spirit of Amsterdam”.


As soon as the tickets for the 2021 edition of The Spirit of Amsterdam become available, this will be announced here.