The Spirit Whisky Canal Cruise 2018

On Sat. December 15, 2018 we organize the 10th edition of our now traditional whisky cruise through the canals of Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Light Festival where artists show their beautiful work with the “light artworks…”. A beautiful setting to experience such a whisky cruise.

This year we will taste a number of beautiful Japanese whiskies presented by the Japanese whisky connoisseur in the Netherlands: Dirk van Staden of Liquid Gold in Haarlem. Dirk will let us taste six Japanese whiskies: the Fuyu, Nikka coffey grain, Kirin Fuji Sanroku, the Togouchi 9 yo, Yamazaki distillers reserve and the distillers reserve of Hakushu. Below a picture of this beautiful line-up. The accompanying whiskey & food pairing presents Ron Pieters van Reypenaer Kaas again the perfect combination of whiskey and cheese. Reypenaer is a special Dutch cheese matured under the influence of the microclimate of a historic warehouse. We are all going to taste and experience it…

Watch this video “Whisky and Romance” of one of our whisky cruises.

Whisky Canal Cruise, 16 dec. 2017 023

As soon as the tickets for the 2021 edition of The Spirit of Amsterdam become available, this will be announced here.